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"It's really hard to put our entire experience in a few words in a review, as nothing can truly give it justice. It was nearly a year-long process working with Amy and her team, and there's not a moment where it could've gone better. Amy was flexible where possible, but when a decision needed to be made, they would let us know and provide the options. They were very cognizant of our budget and our preferences - Amy could not stress enough that it was our day and everything should be perfect to us. We never felt pressured to pick a specific vendor and there were always quality options laid out. On the actual day of, all we had to do was sit back, smile and enjoy it because Amy and her team were swarming around to have our backs and ensure everything went perfectly, which it of course did. I'd say it was the wedding of our dreams, but that would be a lie because it was better than anything we ever could've dreamed. A special shout-out to Haley, Amanda and Regina for the help! We miss talking to all of them already!"
DD & DD, New York City

"Amy! The party exceeded every expectation I had. The venue, the stunning decor, the food, the dance floor, the over the top entertainment, the photo areas, the gift bags and the beautiful glowing lawn. WOW. And the crowd was top notch! It was PERFECT. My Instagram was lit up for 2 days straight. It was the talk of the industry. I had people in LA and Miami messaging me about it. My favorite part of the night was dancing on the stage with you at the end!!! You are so amazing. Thank you thank you for your leadership on this event. I had so many event partners say 'we would do anything for Amy!' Love you!"
Julie Roth Novack, PartySlate CEO/Co-Founder

"Dear Amy, Amanda, Regina, and team: Wow, where do I begin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this weekend so incredible and beyond all expectations! And thank you for handling every detail not only the day of but all the months, weeks, and days leading up to it. Amy, you and your team are best in class and deserve every award out there. I am still amazed of how everything was so seamless, nothing was overlooked by you and your team. Thank you so much for finding the best of everything!!! Shake Share was incredible, the extra pieces you had me add made the band exceptional, all the props and the dj for the after party were beyond and made it like a club scene which they so wanted, all the "extra's" we got from the venue, having us have Madeline... she is amazing, Alexis making the venue a true fairytale, Sherri is the best of the best, the list goes on and on. We would have been lost without Amanda, literally is the most efficient and nicest person ever! Regina was incredible, so much went on in the room and she made it flawless and always with a smile. And Amy, wow, you are one of a kind! It didn't matter how big or small my questions were, what time of day or night, whether I had a question or just wanted to vent, you were always there. Thank you for making our dream a reality!"
LS, Bal Harbour, Florida

"I worked with Amy to plan my wedding that took place in late August. Amy and everyone at her company were so amazing. They worked with us for an entire year, helping us to bring our wedding together which was no easy task given that we invited over 500 guests, had 400 people attending our wedding, with about 100 of them arriving from overseas, and had a 22-person wedding party. Amy was there every step of the way helping us with everything from the church, the venue, the DJ, the decor, the photographer, invitations, hotel accommodations for 100 guests at two different hotels, the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, transportation for the day of and for all of the airport arrivals and departures and all the activities in between. She even helped us plan a weeks' worth of activities for our out-of-town guests, including a welcome dinner for 100 people, shopping and casino excursions and an amazing city tour with a double-decker bus. I knew from the first time that I met with Amy that we were in good hands. She made herself available all day, every day. There was not one phone call or email that went unanswered which, if you're a stressed out bride, is priceless as you know that you always have someone by your side to guide you through all the unexpected issues that may arise during the planning process. Although we had so many moving parts for our wedding, everything ran so smoothly thanks to Amy, her staff, and all her vendors. I can honestly say that we did not have any issues on the day of the wedding and everything went so smoothly we were actually shocked by how perfectly everything turned out. They really helped us make the wedding of our dreams a reality and it was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. We will forever be so grateful to Amy because of everything that she's done for us. I already miss talking to her everyday!!"
EP, New York City

"Dearest Amy, You did it again. Everyone I spoke with thought Saturday's party was the best Bat Mitzvah event or maybe just plain event, they had ever been to. Of course, it was obvious to me that you and our Amy had your hands on everything. It was a gorgeous, warm, gracious, celebratory evening. The decor/decorations were fabulous, the food was fantastic, the MC, DJ and dancers incredible and everything moved along with Amy Katz style and thoughtfulness. You are a gem and are now an official member of our family."
RL, New York City

"I had hoped that we could celebrate face to face-but life has pushed us along. . .You are thought of often with the largest smile! You have been an incredible angel! I could not have enjoyed the Bat Mitzvah if it wasn't for you! Your heart is huge-you are a devoted expert! I am so thankful for every decision and effort you helped execute! The night (and day) was perfect. Amy-I do wish we all had more down time. I truly cherish who you are and love your company. I adore you. Here is to your happiness-you certainly bring it to others . . ."
SL, New York City

"Two weeks after getting engaged, my fiance and I headed to Toronto for a yearlong adventure, so I was tasked with planning a New York wedding from a plane ride away. I did not know where to begin. After taking several trips just to pick a venue, I concluded that I needed a wedding planner. Then I went on WeddingWire and found Amy. Choosing her was the only easy thing about wedding planning up until that point. She clearly had high standards and was totally "on" in our first conversation and thereafter. I came into New York for one week about nine months before the wedding, and she made every single appointment, so we nailed everything important in ONE WEEK: florist, band, photographer, wedding dress, food. She knew all the best vendors and made these decisions very easy for me. She came to all of the meetings with the vendors and was very effective at acting as an intermediary, so that when the day came, they were the main contact for the vendors. She constantly communicated with us, and she always answered my questions quickly. On the day of, she and her team were indispensable. I was truly a degree removed from the intricacies of the wedding, and I got to enjoy my party instead of wondering if things would be ready on time and the vendors were ok. It was a world class experience for me. I recommend hiring her and then LISTENING to her as she leads you through this exciting time!!"
LS & DS, New York City

"Thank you for bringing my dreams to life and making Saturday the most magical night of my life. Words cannot describe how wonderful everything was. It was truly everything I had hoped for and more. Because you made things run so smoothly behind the scenes, I was able to be present and spend the day with my friends and family really soaking it all in. We have received countless compliments on the wedding. Many of them superlative compliments with people telling us it was the best wedding they've ever been to. The food was wonderful, and we actually got to eat it! And the flowers, they were stunning. Our guests were in awe. Darren and I couldn't be happier and wanted to express our gratitude to you and your staff. I hope you were as pleased with the evening as I was. "
JF & DC, Texas

"I began to plan my daughter's wedding without a wedding planner, and was excited about the process. I am a very organized person with a very definitive opinion about what I like and do not like, so I didn't think I needed help. But I soon became consumed with all of the little details, and found that I was not enjoying the process. So, my daughter and I decided to interview the "top" wedding planners in NYC and the minute we met Amy, we knew we had found the perfect one. Where do I even begin? To say that Amy goes above and beyond is an understatement...she always responded to my emails immediately, even late into the night...her problem solving skills are fantastic...she is incredibly organized...she and her staff are true professionals...she is extremely detail-oriented...she is a great listener...she has excellent relationships with so many fabulous vendors. The list goes on and on. But that's just the "professional wedding planner" Amy. Amy, the woman, is a true gem. She is kind, caring and generous. We never felt like our wedding was a job to Amy; she became a friend to us. The wedding weekend was pure joy - everything was absolutely perfect - beyond our wildest imaginations, and we know that all the credit goes to Amy Katz Events."
SL, Scarsdale, NY

"After getting engaged, my fiancé and I thought we could manage planning our wedding, were we REALLY wrong (lawyers...we think we can handle everything)! We soon found out that my family's ideas, requests and personalities alone are extremely difficult to coordinate, forget about all the other pieces and parts of a wedding. After meeting/interviewing several event planners, Amy was the clear winner. In the first 5 minutes of meeting us, Amy knew exactly what we were looking for our wedding and promised to give us just that. The others spent more time telling us about their vision rather than listening to ours. Ever since then, her attention to detail, organization and dedication to clients continued to impress us. As lawyers, our free time can be very limited. Amy makes herself available 24/7 and answers emails and phone calls well past 9 PM (especially helpful when it came to my minor panic attacks). Amy is not only the BEST event planner, she is an amazing person! My fiancé and I had so much fun with Amy, which was refreshing given the stress involved with planning a wedding. Our wedding day was beyond our wildest dreams, and we cannot thank Amy enough."
AD, New Jersey

I hope I've already thanked you, but please forgive me if I hadn't. It's unfathomable to me that a party like Saturday's could go off without Beth, I, or Hayden thinking that something, even something small, went wrong. But, of course, it was all perfect in our eyes. Actually far better than perfect. I know that's what you shoot for, but you really must have superpowers to have achieved it. I'm so very grateful to you for what you've done. Beth and Hayden worked so hard and had such high hopes for Hayden's bat mitzvah and it means the world to me that you were able to exceed them. Please please please know that your very hard work is extremely appreciated. Your whole staff was also so extremely professional and courteous. Apparently your tremendous skills also extend to making wonderful hiring decisions. Thank you again, or for the first time. You played an enormous part in creating eternal positive memories.
MR, New York City

I truly do not have enough wonderful things to say about you and your staff. Our wedding was the most amazing night. You and the team were on top of everything. Any little issue was handling with such speed. You guys were so great with taking checks from me, it was almost alarming. I would have a check in my hand, and it would be taken away before I even had time to think about where I would put it. The night was beautiful, and David and I couldn't be happier. But beyond the night, you honestly made the entire process so much easier than I could have imagined. I wish I was getting married again so we could keep working together!
EK & DK, New York City

"Thank you so much for the incredible job you did in helping us with Lara's Bat Mitzvah party. There were so many moving parts, difficult vendors and roadblocks with the venue – we simply couldn't have made it through without you. In the end, it turned out to be a magnificent party in a beautiful setting and you played a huge role in making that happen. We are very grateful and appreciate the enormous effort you made to ensure we all had an unforgettable night. "
KH & MH, New York City

"Thank you SO much for making our son's bar mitzvah so special. I really appreciate all the time and guidance you gave me in selecting the venue, decor company, photographer, etc and working with each of these companies on my behalf. It all came together and the affair was beautiful, warm and a great time was had by all. You are a real professional and so highly regarded in this business. We can't thank you enough for your commitment, enthusiasm and expertise day in and day out during the planning process. You're the best and we look forward to working together on Lauren's bat mitzvah in 2015!"
EF & PF, New York City

"How do we even begin to thank you for all of your hard work? Words cannot describe how incredible our wedding was. Brian and I were so happy with everything! You are an absolute pleasure to work with and you managed to keep me calm throughout the process. No bridezilla here! Brian especially thanks you for that! The night was unforgettable not only for us, but for every person in the room. We could have never done it without you!"
LW & BW, Connecticut

"Wow what a weekend! Our daughter had the BEST time at her party on Saturday. We all, friends and guests! You did a remarkable job! Thank you and your staff for all your help and handholding to make this a truly magical night! We are looking forward to working with you on our next event!"
SR & DR, New York City

"I work with many planners and can genuinely say that you are a pleasure! So unlike the majority, you know your stuff! You are organized, give guidance, troubleshoot, quick thinking and do not mind working! Many thanks for all your help. I look forward to working with you again...anytime, any place! Thank you!"
Danae Stefan/Stefan Event Decor

"Well -- we did not know you existed before; but, we sure are glad you are working with us now. In the beginning, Megan and Kanyun were quite insistent that they could manage their wedding by themselves and I did not want to be too high directive as long as they were happy and within budget. When it became clear that they were overwhelmed, I decided to try and take the burden from their shoulders. However, along with that, comes some aspects of my senior executive personality when vendors do not perform as they promise. Thanks for all that you are doing and will do. We three are most grateful!"
KB, Virginia

You have a place in my heart! We could not have had the "wedding of the decade" without you and your amazing team. Thank you for caring for Emily's needs and wants, letting us all enjoy every minute of the day and night, and remembering a perfect wedding.
RB, New York

"Have been wanting to find a quiet moment to write you a long heartfelt email. Since we both know that moment may never come for me I will tell you briefly that we are deeply grateful for your professionalism, your hard work, care, good humor and kindness. Clearly we could never have done this without you--you were always watching my back, prodding me foward, and keeping me on task. And always with your beautiful smile. Thank you so much--for everything."
MB, New York

"You did it! I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and my family. You are amazing and BEYOND hardworking. You really give more than 100%! I think everyone had a great time and we couldn't have done it without you! I love you! - Thank you."
NK & AK, New York City

"I cannot begin to thank you for the more than phenomenal job you did on our wedding. Robert and I are the happiest couple on the planet! Every girl dreams of a fairytale ending and you certainly gave that to me. We were so lucky to have you be a part of our special day. The reception was spectacular and the room had this amazing aura about it. I had so many compliments on the decor, food organization, music, the list goes on and on...I already gave your name out to several guests. Thank you for all our late night talks, your patience and for making my dream come true. I really hope we stay in touch. You are amazing at what you do."
LD & RD, New Jersey

"I could not have asked for a more beautiful day than yesterday. Thank you for making all of Marielle's wishes for her Bat Mitzvah day come true! From early morning to late in the evening it was flawless thanks to your attention to detail. I had an amazing time and yes, it flew by way way too fast!!!"
CA, New York City

"You are amazing at what you do. You are driven, detail oriented, focused, great at picking the right people, so sweet and wonderful to work with. You truly know what it is all about. I was not (consciously) thinking about all of the life-long memories we were building and that is what it was really about. You knew this all along- I could see it on your face on Saturday night. Saturday was truly the best day and night in our lives and you were the integral part of it. The saddest part is that I will miss our frequent contact."
DP, New York City

"Amy has worked with both my husband and I on large parties in the Hamptons and New York City. She is detail oriented, professional and easy to work with. She offers fun, fabulous suggestions to create a festive atmosphere and takes your party to the next level. Amy eliminates my worries about planning parties. She takes care of every last detail so I can truly enjoy the venue and relax with my guests."
AS, Water Mill, New York

"I knew the moment that I met you that you would make an amazing party. Our daughter's bat mitzvah was perfect. Thank you for your vision and for creating the most incredible party."
LS, New York City

"Diane and I can't thank you enough for the effort and work you put into making our Hamptons Marathon post-race party the incredible success that it was! Without you there, it would have been a total disaster-and your guidance (from making up the lists of what we would need, to the time table you provided, combined with your incredible organizational abilities) really made all the difference in the world to us and to the runners, who all had a fantastic time. We really couldn't have done it without you!"
AM & DW, Amagansett, New York

"We cannot even begin to thank you for the most incredible, beautiful and perfect event. Every detail, every moment...EVERYTHING was DIVINE and WONDERFUL!"
DD & ID, New York City

"I just wanted to thank you for all you did in making Alex's Bat Mitzvah celebration an absolutely outstanding and memorable occasion for us. Everything was planned and executed perfectly and it was such a pleasure working with you."
SG, New York City

"I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work and diligence! I can't believe this day is finally here! I am still amazed that you were able to pull this together so quickly. You really are a true artist.... Thank you for EVERYTHING! Especially for your endless hours and dedication. You are the best."
LK, New York City

"Rachel's Bat Mitzvah was amazing! Thank you for the help with all the details, your great resources, and your organization! You really made life easier for me this past year...I know I was tough to nail down at times! I was so calm all day yesterday because you were in charge. I was able to relax and to enjoy both parties! Michael and I are so happy. You are a real professional...truly the best!"
MM, New York City

"Let me say you did a spectacular job Saturday night! Every time I turned around you were there taking care of yet another detail. Thank you for all your very hard work and enthusiasm!"
CS, New York City

"I want to thank you for everything! It was a really amazing event and I don't know what I would have done without you. Honestly you did everything I could have hoped for and more. And last night, you were on it! And your assistant was also great! Thank you so much for your advice and help these last few months. You are terrific at your job and a pleasure to work with!"
SC, New Jersey

"I don't know where to start and "thank you" will never adequately express the gratitude and appreciation that I have for EVERYTHING you have done for us. The party was AMAZING! Everything was perfect! The room was gorgeous and the music was incredible. There was NEVER a minute where I was concerned about anything- I knew you had everything under control!"
NP, New York City

"AMY!!! You and your team KILLED it last night! Despite the rain, you produced a spectacular wedding and I commend your attention to detail and thorough follow through. You are the best! "
Shawn Cooper/Wizard Studios-NY

"Amy, thank you so much for making the weekend most memorable. Your team was spectacular and it would not have been the same without your involvement in Jack's BM. You run a great business."
LK, New York City


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